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Where's Lloyd?

Everyone knows Lloyd Kaufman. A tireless promoter and a true showman, Lloyd is one of the most recognisable faces in the film world. Everyone loves Uncle Lloyd. And in recent years, as part of his indefatigable support for independent film, Lloyd Kaufman has been willing to make cameo appearances on screen in dozens of low-budget movies. This is a substantially complete list but additions or corrections will be gratefully received, as will screengrabs or stills.

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2008 and later / 2007 and earlier


Arkusan Martinsson (Schalima, dir. Jimmy Johansson)
Lloyd provides a voice - credited as 'Cream-Cat Lover' - for this Swedish comedy-drama.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep (Gonzo Entertainment, dir. Nathan Fisher)
Lloyd plays an orderly in this Lovecraft short.

Caged Lesbos-a-Go-Go (Creepersin Films, dir. Creep Creepersin)
WIP spoof featuring Lloyd as 'President Obama'(!).

Crank 2: High Voltage (Lionsgate/Lakeshore Entertainment, dir. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor)
Big-budget action sequel with cameos from Ron Jeremy, David Carradine, Lloyd (as ''Maintenance Guy no.1') and Geri Halliwell(!).

Family Property (YoungProductions36, dir. Derek Young)
Lloyd appears as 'Mayor Kaufman' in this comedy horror feature.


Frankenpimp (Tony Watt Inc, dir. Tony Watt and Vivita)
Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink sci-fi-horror-comedy with Lloyd and King Kaufman director Shauna Jaeger as reporters Richard Rammer and Lucy Furgurger.

Gamer (Lionsgate/Lakeshore Entertainment, dir. Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor)
Big-budget sci-fi feature from the team behind Crank 2, with Lloyd as 'Genericon'.

George's Intervention (Cat Scare Films, dir. JT Seaton)
Lloyd plays 'Dr Kaufman' in this horror-omedy.

Hanger (Plotdigger Films, dir. Ryan Nicholson)
Lloyd plays 'Melvina the tranny' in this explicit sex/horror feature directed by make-up artist Nicholson and featuring Debbie Rochon.

Incest Death Squad (dir. Cory Udler)
Lloyd plays 'Mr Reamburg' in this horror comedy which premiered on a double bill with The Toxic Avenger.

Jessicka Rabid (Dahlia Jade Productions, dir. Matthew Reel)
Lloyd is ‘man on phone’ in this indie horror which stars Elske McCain and Trent Haaga.

Lawson: White Heat (Evil 1985 Productions, dir. Barry Delahanty and John Koziol)
Lloyd plays 'Mayor John Egan' in this action comedy.

Melvin (531 Productions, dir. Henry Weintraub)
Lloyd's role as 'Charlie Watkins' sits in a film-with-a-film, Night of the Driller, in this debut feature from the director of Depraved.

Nightbeasts (Treehouse Pictures, dir. Wes Sullivan)
Lloyd plays a park ranger in this serious Bigfoot horror movie.

Nun of That (Scorpio Films, dir. Richard Griffin)
Action-comedy about a gun-toting nun, featuring Debbie Rochon as the Mother Superior and Lloyd as the Pope!

Stuck Like Chuck (On My Own Productions, dir. Jerry Cavallaro)
Lloyd is 'Professor Kaufman' in this low-budget romcom.

Theodore (Infested Films, dir. David Sherbrook)
Eleen-minute surreal horror short with Lloyd as 'Bruce'.

Unholy Reunion (dir. Ric McCloud)
Lloyd plays ‘Boris’ in this gory horror feature.


A-Bo the Humonkey (Red Cow Entertainment, dir. Frankie Frain) Lloyd plays Rnald Weinberg in this sature about a half-human, half-ape being.

The Art of Pain (Zabba Zabba/uPressPlay; dir. Matt Brookens)
Comedy about the staff of a Chicago cinema featuring ninjas, zombies and Lloyd as film director 'George Romano'.


Bachelor Party in the Bungalow of the Damned (Mea Culpa Pictures, dir. Brian Thomson)
Yet another horror spoof with a cameo by Lloyd.

Title (company, dir. name) text

Bikini Bloodbath Christmas (Blood Bath Pictures, dir. Jonathan Gorman and Thomas Edward Seymour)
Lloyd is ‘Dr O’Masterblaster’ in this Debbie Rochon-starring sequel.

Blood Moon (The Indy Film Co-op, dir. William Dever)
Lloyd is a doctor in this sci-fi feature.

Body in a Dumpster (Left Hand Films, dir. Kristian Day)
Lloyd appears briefly as a bishop in this horror-thriller.

The Boy from Out of This World (Attention, Soldier! Productions; dir. Elle Schneider)
Lloyd and Roger Corman are among the interviewees in this feature-length documentary about the 1959 B-movie Teenagers from Outer Space.


Bryan Loves You (The Grassroots Theory; dir. Seth Landau)
Lloyd has a cameo as ‘Jonathan's helper’ in this film which also features Tony Todd, Tiffany Shepis, Brinke Stevens and George Wendt.

Un Cazador de Zombis (Gorevision Films; dir. German Magarinos)
Lloyd has a cameo in this Argentinian horror film which is known in English as Zombie Apocalypse Now!

Clown Dad (dir. Michael Lee Nirenberg)
This short comedy features Lloyd as 'Clown Grandad'.


The Cops Did It (Truth in Creativity Productions; dir. Anthony Azar)
Lloyd plays ‘Wally the Pimp’ in this comedy.


Corpus Kristi (The 100 Project, dir. Shawn Jones)
Lloyd is a doctor in this black comedy about two guys who find a dead girl in their apartment.

Craig (Apotheosis Films; dir. Kim Sønderholm)
Lloyd can be seen on TV in one scene - as 'The Voice' - in this Danish thriller.

Depraved (531 Productions, dir. Henry Weintraub)
Lloyd plays a doctor in ths half-hour revenge-based horror short from the director of Melvin.

The Devil's Muse (Bloodshot Pictures; dir. Ramzi Abed)
Lloyd plays ‘Lisa's Father’ in this version of the 'Black Dahlia' story (from the director of The Tunnel), which was filmed as Black Dahlia Movie and also features Trent Haaga and Julie Strain.

King Kaufman: The Passion of Lloyd (dir. Shauna Jaeger)
Canadian 45-minute documentary profile of Lloyd.

Klown Kamp Massacre (Death Curse International; dir. Philip HR Gunn, David Valdez)
Lloyd plays ‘Vic Vickers’ in this slasher spoof.

Monkfish (Maven Productions; dir. Rod Webber)
Lloyd plays ‘Lucky Lombardy’ in this gangster movie.


Psycho Sleepover (Pratt Ratt Productions, dir. Adam Deyoe and Eric Gosselin)
Lloyd crops up as a TV anchorman in this sexy horror-comedy from the directors of Street Team Massacre.

Schism (Hidden Films, dir. Derek Purtell)
Lloyd plays a crank caller in this indie feature which is not, despite what the IMDB thinks, the identically titled serious drama about Alzheimer’s disease.

Super Tromette Action Movie Go! (More Brains Media, dir. Steven A Grainger)
Lloyd plays ‘CockShocker’ in this tale of two girl crimefighters.

Terror Talk (Troma; dir. Jamie Greco)
Lloyd is ‘Uncle John’ in this anthology horror (from the director of PDA Massacre) which also features Debbie Rochon.

Tromatized, Meet Lloyd Kaufman (Calle Mar; dir. Fabien Martorell)
Feature-length French documentary about Troma, from the director of Susan Loves Lobsters. Lloyd is interviewed and is also credited as producer.

The Wimp Whose Woman was a Werewolf (Bullcrank Productions, dir. Larry Longstreth)
Lloyd plays ‘Brody’ in this feature from the director of The Losers Have a Junkyard.

Working Title (Boomstick Films/Westbridge; dir. John Wesley Norton)
Lloyd plays ‘Dick’ in this comedy about film-making, also starring Robert Z’Dar and Ed Asner.