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This website is a chronological listing of all British fantasy and science fiction programmes broadcast on British television. Defining 'telefantasy', of course, is a thankless task which has defeated better minds than mine - it's one of those things that "I know it when I see it."

For inclusion in this listing, a programme must have some significant element which does not (currently or historically) exist in the real world. This includes - but is certainly not limited to - extraterrestrials, time travel, free-thinking artificial intelligences, psychic powers, superheroes, wizards and witches, dragons, monsters, fairies, angels, vampires and ghosts as well as anything which is set in the future (relative to when the programme was made) or which includes technology which did not exist at the time of production.

It is probably easier to define the parameters of this list by what has been deliberately excluded:

No opera, ballet or panto
No Shakespeare
No documentaries
No dramatisations of true life scientific events
No horror based solely on violence (eg. serial killers)
No sketch comedy

In other words: only long-form, scripted drama/comedy with distinct SF/fantasy elements. Individual episodes have been included where they satisfy my criteria, even if the series in question does not. In respect of animation, I have included only those series which have some interest (beyond simple nostalgia) to adult viewers. My credo is this: is it useful to people for this to be included? Clearly it is useful to include, for example, the Supermarionation puppet series in this listing, but equally it would be counterproductive to fill it up with every children's puppet show or cartoon ever made in this country.

No attempt has been made to comment on the quality of any of these programmes. If anyone is interested, however, I consider the three best telefantasy series produced in this country to be UFO, Star Cops and Ultraviolet - and the worst, by a considerable margin, to be Crime Traveller and Hyperdrive.

A listing of this size and complexity will naturally fall prey to errors and I would be very grateful for details of any ommissions or corrections. In the case of very borderline cases, you are most welcome to present an argument for their inclusion/exclusion but the editor's decision, as they say, is final.

The following sources have been particularly useful in compiling this information:

The Radio Times Guide to TV Comedy by Mark Lewisohn (BBC Books)
The Encyclopedia of TV Science Fiction by Roger Fulton (Boxtree)
The Internet Movie Database
The Encyclopedia of Fantastic Film and Television
The Mausoleum Club
Action TV
Memorable TV
Haunted TV