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Pumpkinhead News - see also pictures, people*, links*

In April 2006 I visited the set of Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes (aka Pumpkinhead 3) in Romania, where it was being shot back-to-back with the fourth film in the franchise, Pumpkinhead: Love Hurts. I have a few photos taken on set and a whole bunch of interviews which I will be using to cover the films in Fangoria.

As there is clearly a lot of interest in these films, I have created this page to keep track of them and to point fans to news about them. Please let me know of any Pumpkinhead news that I miss.

* Coming soon

14th January 2007
Ashes to Ashes
has been announced for a Region 1 DVD release on 27th March. Mike Hurst told me this yesterday and it has also been announced on It will be a widescreen transfer but there is no information yet on extras (or on a Region 2 release).


9th January 2007
Blood Feud
, which had been expected in October, has suddenly been scheduled by the Sci-Fi Channel for broadcast on 10th February. I will be doing an article about it for


5th November 2006
Lots of updates, not least that Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes has now been broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel. If you missed it, there's a repeat on 9th November. There are reviews at HorrorMovies&, Dread Central, Maximum Horrors, Tales from the Batcave, Forever Geek, the New York Post(!), Crimson Screens and UnderGroundOnline. Finally for today, I have added my interview with Doug Bradley to the main site.


14th October 2006
Jake West is busy making sure that everyone knows about the new Pumpkinhead film. He has given some comments and some exclusive new photos to and he has also done an interview with Creature Corner.


11th October 2006
I’m back on-line just in time to report that Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes will have its first official screening this Sunday! If you live in Ohio, you can catch it at the New Neon Movies in Dayton at 9.30pm on 15th October. The first festival screening will be at Manns Chinese Theatre(!) as part of the LA Screamfest on Thursday 19th October at 9.30pm. Jake West will be in attendance at the LA gig - not sure if he’ll be in Ohio or not.


item715th September 2006
In a busy week for Pumpkinhead fans, Jake West has updated his
website with a great photo of himself and Lance Henriksen. And issue 257 of Fangoria is now on sale. This includes my big set visit feature on Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes, including comments from Jake, Doug Bradley, actress Lynne Verrall (who plays Haggis), effects artist Mike Regan, creature suit designer Gary J Tunnicliffe and producer Karri O'Reilly. There is a separate interview with Lance Henriksen (by me) and also an article by series co-creator Gary Gerani about the history of the Pumpkinhead franchise.


13th September 2006
The first cast interview is now on-line - on this site - a short chat with actress
Lisa McAllister. which I wasn't able to use for my Fangoria article.


12th September 2006
The Sci-Fi Channel website now has a
page for Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes with a sort of poster design on it. There is a space for a trailer but that's not on-line yet.


11th September 2006
Kevin Lyons at the EOFFTV site has posted a great two-part interview with Jake West.
Part One concentrates on Evil Aliens while Part Two discusses Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes. My own interview with Jake about Evil Aliens is now on-line.


6th September 2006
The Sci-Fi Channel has announced broadcast details for Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes which will receive its TV premiere at 9pm EST on 28th October. This is followed by Gargoyles: Wings of Darkness and then a swift repeat of Ashes to Ashes at 1am. However, in one of the oddest scheduling decisions ever, the channel has decided to fill the 7pm slot directly before Ashes to Ashes with another Pumpkinhead film. Not the original Pumpkinhead, to which Ashes to Ashes is a direct sequel, but Pumpkinhead 2: Blood Wings, a film which has no connection with the other movies in the franchise apart from using the same monster suit.


26th July 2006
Pumpkinhead: Love Hurts
has been officially retitled Pumpkinhead: Blood Feud. The cast for this film is now on the IMDB (but not the correct title yet). I am just finishing off my P3 article for Fangoria which has to be with the editor by Friday.


5th July 2006
Pumpkinhead: Ashes to Ashes
is very close to its final edit right now. Meanwhile, I have posted on my site the short interview that I did with
Mike Hurst while I was in Romania.


27th May 2006
Production on P4 wrapped today with a big, complex effects scene of Pumpkinhead fighting in the rain. That seems like a good excuse to launch my 'Pumpkinhead Pages', including two exclusive behind-the-scenes shots on the
Pictures page.


25th May 2006
Arrow in the Head has an interview with Mike Hurst about Room 6, House of the Dead 2, P4 and other films.


5th May 2006
I have supplied with the first two pictures from P3, showing Pumpkinhead himself and Doug Bradley, plus a few words from P4 director Mike Hurst.


26th-28th April 2006
I was in Romania for two exhausting nights of shooting on P3 and was able to interview most of the cast and crew.


8th March 2006
First news of Jake West's attachment to P3 at